A cycle of 12 son-et-lumiere storytelling pieces that focus on the night sky and the stories of the stars.

Bringing together the techniques of ritual theatre, including fire lighting and tending, sharing of food and music, each piece focuses on a different area of the sky using the stories drawn from the zodiac (mostly ancient European/Middle East/North Africa) but also incorporating star stories from further afield, weaving an ancient international narrative of the skies. 

The final work will be performed throughout the year in line with the changing seasons and stars.

Written using the epic poetry/blank verse style borrowed from Homer and the oral tradition.

These are 12 unique outdoor theatrical experiences perfect for presentation in parks, woodland clearings, at festivals or as part of star gazing events across the whole year.

The research for the project was started at the Forge Residency in the summer 2016. Based at Wild Rumpus' headquarters at the Whirligig forest. You can find out more about Wild Rumpus and their work by clicking here

2017 is bringing us the opportunity to continue development on the work through international travel. Alex will be attending two Artist Residencies where he will be working on bringing together the research and writing from the past twelve months into the rehearsal room, as well as studying more ideas around ritual theatre, folklore and oral storytelling traditions from the Near East and the Black Sea.

In May, Alex will be joining the team at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Yerevan, Armenia (link) to start the process of creating each story, and then in June we will travel to Finland to join the Back to Basics residency at Arteles (link) where he will be locking himself in the rehearsal room away from modern communication to work on honing the physical aspects of each story.