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1. Write a Haiku (or 'Myku') that captures the moment in which it is written. 
2. Print the poem, or hand copy it out, onto a small piece of paper about 3cm by 5cm. Don’t forget to include the date and your name/initials.
3. Fold the poem in half and carefully put it in your pocket.
4. Go for a walk.
5. As you walk along the road recite the poem to yourself in your head.
6. Consider the words and their place in your walk.
7. How has the walk changed the moment? How has the walk reinforced the moment?
8. As you walk collect 4 stones of decreasing size, each a different colour, shape and/or texture. The largest should be around the size of the folded paper.
9. Find a place that is used by local people or strangers. E.g. a bus stop.
10. Place the poem in a protected, visible location.
11. Cover with the largest stone.
12. Start to recite the poem from memory.
13. Place each stone on top of the other in size order, largest to smallest going upwards; to build a small cairn.
14. If the cairn collapses, restart the build and restart the poem.
15. When the cairn is complete and stable, recite the poem as if confiding a secret to an invisible stranger.
16. Let the poem go from your mind.
17.    Return home.


The following pieces are written as 'myku'. They contain an extra syllable in the second line.


A daily Haiku, or Myku from Alex.

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Daily/At Will


1) Walk to a nearby lake or riverbank.
2) Find a spot near the bank side where you can reach the water, but the ground is firm.
3) Remove a box of matches from your pocket.
4) Dig a small hole in the ground with your hands. The hole should be about the size of your fist. Dig Deep.
5) Feel the earth/clay/ sand/dirt on your fingertips.
6) Smell the Earth on your hands.
7) Light a match or two and allow them to burn down until your fingertips feel the heat.
8) Blow the match out.
9) Inspect the spent match and smell the burnt wood.
10) Crumble the burnt wood into the hole.
11) Fill in the hole with your hands.
12) Blow the collected dirt and dust off your hands and fingertips.
13) Walk to the lakeside.
14) Wash your hands/fingers in the waters until clean.
15) Allow your hands to dry naturally in the air.
16) Return home.
17) Repeat daily, or whenever you feel the need to reconnect.

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Towards Midsummer.

Ritual towards midsummer.JPG

1. Walk along the roadside for 10-15 minutes.
2. As you walk collect a small garland of wild flowers, grasses, and plants.
3. Tie the flowers together using a leaf of long, thick grass. If required hold larger stems together with a small twig.
4. Carry the garland until you reach a suitable place.
5. Stop.
6. Look for fallen wood, loose branches, etc within sight of the path.
7. Place the garland beside a tree, on a rock or similar place of notice.
8. Collect an armful of timber/brush or wood.
9. You may walk no more than 12 paces from the garland.
10. Gather the collection and return home.
11. Place the wood in a pile somewhere covered/dry.
12. Repeat until Midsummer’s Eve.
13. On Midsummer Eve burn the pile in a ceremonial bonfire and collect flowers as thanks for the wood.