Return to sender

We arrive back to catch up with all the previous work that we've been putting off for a month whilst in Finland.

There some exciting opportunities on the horizon, with our first Work in Progress sharing of the writing done at Arteles. The Stories in the Star piece about Hercules is being shared at Bedfringe 2017. Find out more here.

After that I head off to Edinburgh to do something completely different, that has nothing to do with Poetry, but everything to do with performance and people. I get to work with a talented group of gamers, writers and 'actually-probably-crazy-given-how-ridiculous-this-project-is' people. We're going to be playing a 250hr game of Dungeons and Dragons with members of the public, a live studio audience and live streaming it to the internet! You can find out more about this crazy project, buy tickets and watch the project as it develops over the festival. If there's anyone at the festival working more performance hours than we are i'll be very impressed!

Visit our website here, or read our Creative Directors Chloe Mashiter's blog about why Dungeons and Dragons is the best kind of theatre experience here interview, or her interview with 3Weeks here.